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XO, Heather



And a special thanks to the following vendors:

Venue: Science Museum of Minnesota | www.smm.org

Bride's Dress: Raffine Bridal, Essence of Australia | www.raffinebridal.com

Groom's attire: Men's Wearhouse | www.menswearhouse.com

Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu's | www.lulus.com

DJ: Pro lights and Sound www.pro-1.com

Floral: Arts & Flowers | www.artsflowersmn.com

Catering: Lancer Catering | www.lancerhospitality.com


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Stephanie + Randy | Milwaukee Wedding Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2018/5/stephanie-randy-milwaukee-wedding-photographer Two weeks ago, I had the honor to head back to my hometown in Wisconsin to kick off this year's wedding season and second shoot  under Hannah Toldt (fun fact: Hannah and I first met in Orchestra when we were in middle school! I moved after 8th grade, so we haven't seen each other since until this day and I am so thankful we reconnected after all of those years!). Stephanie + Randy chose to see each other for the first time down the aisle, but prayed together before the ceremony; this was simply beautiful to witness. Photos below still gives me goosebumps!  After the ceremony, we headed downtown to Milwaukee on the lake to take photos! I've mentioned this before- I love the water, especially Lake Michigan, so even though it was cold and windy, I loved every second of it! Stephanie and Randy's wedding day was filled with so much joy and I'm thankful to have been a part of it! Looking forward to head back to Wisconsin next weekend to second shoot another wedding with Hannah! 

XO, Heather



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Emily + Jude | Minneapolis Engagement Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2018/4/emily-jude-minneapolis-engagement-photographer This winter engagement session outside of Minneapolis was simply beautiful. The snow covered trees, the rolling hills, and more importantly Emily + Jude and their love story. All simply beautiful, and romantic.  There was 5-8 inches of snowfall in the forecast for the day before the session, so I knew this was going to be an amazing shoot, but it turned out to be even better.  I met Emily + Jude in Jude’s hometown and we started off the session with a little pond hockey, and the best part? This was the small rink that Jude’s parents brought him to when he was a child (cue the tissues for the tears, please)… and then to bring your fiancé here- so. stinking. sweet. After they skated around and Jude had Emily be goalie (um, what!?), we headed to the nearby state park where the two of them have spent time together. I love how they personalized their engagement session by choosing locations that were meaningful to them; it makes the photos that much more special and memorable! We explored the park, chased the light, trekked in the knee-deep snow, and laughed endlessly. Emily + Jude, I had a blast with you two and I can’t wait to photograph your reception in July!

XO, Heather



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Noahs 1st Bday | Des Moines Family Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2018/4/noahs-1st-bday-des-moines-family-photographer Today’s blog post takes you to Des Moines! For those of you who might not know, I went to college in Des Moines (s/o to Drake) and also lived there after graduate school for 3 years. I love and miss all my friends dearly, so I always love getting to go back and visit! This visit was a little extra special.  

Megan, a good friend and sorority sister of mine, asked if I would be able to take some in-home, family photos for her son, Noah’s, first birthday. It just so happened that I would be passing through Des Moines on his exact birthday, so it worked out perfect in truly capturing him turning the big O-N-E.  When I got to their house, Megan and Buddy’s two labs greeted me with some puppy love and got a little too excited waking sweet Noah up from his nap, a little freaked out.  Noah is just too stinking cute that even with red eyes I couldn’t help but snap photos.  It made my heart so happy seeing a friend be the best version of herself as a mom.  The three of them read books, played with blocks, and being there to capture this milestone was truly an honor!

XO, Heather


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Katie + Sam | Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2018/2/katie-sam-minneapolis-lifestyle-photographer First off, I have to say this session definitely makes my top 3 favorite shoots to date, and you will totally see why after seeing these photos!  I met Katie and Sam in Saint Louis Park for a sweet and cozy in-home session, and everything about it was to die for.  They baked some chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen (because who doesn’t like, no, LOVE, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies?!) and then moved their way through the living room into the bedroom.  Sam is a killer guitar player and it was so sweet to hear him play to Katie.  Katie and Sam even play board games together that I was able to capture, how sweet is that?! This session was filled with so much real, raw emotions and moments of them snuggled up together, exchanging kisses, giggling, and flirting to the max. They have the sweetest relationship and if love looks good on anyone, it’s these two.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

XO, Heather




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Kalli + Chris + Lucy https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2018/1/kalli-chris-lucy Today’s blog post features the cutest 8-week-old puppy, Lucy. She’s an English Golden Doodle and full of so much energy and love!  Kalli reached out to me weeks in advance about taking photos with their new puppy they were going to be getting, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to this day. I adore puppies (who doesn’t?!) and was so excited to meet Lucy along with her parents, Kalli and Chris!

We met at a park in Plymouth where we played with Lucy and took their family photos- family of 3 that is!  I loved getting to know Kalli and Chris, they are such a loving couple and are high school sweet hearts! They JUST had their 2-year wedding anniversary in December (happy anniversary, you two!), so it happened to be the perfect time to add a furry member to their family and take photos! Thank you, Kalli and Chris, for allowing me capture these sweet moments in your life, and also for letting me get some snuggles and playtime in with sweet Lucy!

XO, Heather





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Omaha Family Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/12/omaha-family-photographer In today's blog post I'm taking you to Omaha!  This family portrait session was everything a photographer could hope for: A dreamy home + dressed to the nines + a beautiful, loving family.  I had such a wonderful time with Natasa and her husband and their two girls and loved meeting them.  My sister-in-law also tagged along and was the best help (Thanks, Callie!).  The girls were wearing adorable matching dresses and Natasa and Dimitri were the definition of looking sharp. We started the evening taking photos in their home (brb while I go paint my whole house white) and their little pooch, Rodger, made a few special appearances. The girls  adore Rodger and watching them play together in their living room just about melted my heart.  

Before heading to a nearby park for our next photo location, we chatted in their kitchen and I loved hearing about their life stories.  One of my favorites is that Natasa and Dimitri are both from Greece, where they met, and they take the girls there every summer to visit their families.  How amazing does that sound?!  We then headed to the park just in time for some sunset photos, and of course play time on the swings!  I had so much fun and feel so lucky to have captured these special moments that they'll be able to cherish and look back on! See you next summer in Greece (ha, I wish!)!

XO, Heather


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Emily+Brian | Minneapolis Wedding Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/12/EmilyBrian Over the past couple months, I’ve been staying busy with family photos and I can’t believe it’s already almost Christmas!  Time has flown by and I realized I haven’t blogged some of the other weddings I second shot in the Fall with Mackenzie Orth!  If you didn’t read my last blog about shooting with Mackenzie, I’ll say it again over and over again, I LOVE her and she is the sweetest to work with!

Here is the wedding of Emily + Brian that took place back in September in downtown Minneapolis, and their day was nothing less than beautiful.  Mackenzie and I met Emily and her bridesmaids at Emily’s parents’ condo where they were drinking mimosas and getting ready- doing all things that girls are best at.  Brian and his guys were just a couple floors up in his and Emily’s condo where they were doing all the guy things, which made it convenient for us to head up there to get some shots of Brian getting ready!

The first look was epic, as you’ll see in the images.  It consisted of us climbing out of Emily and Brian’s neighbor’s window onto the roof, which did not have any guardrails.  The view of the city was amazing and it was well worth it, even if it meant watching our every step to make sure we didn’t fall off! After the first look, we adventured around the city with the bridal party to take photos, making stops at the sculpture garden and one of Emily and Brian’s favorite bars, Monte Carlo, for a quick drink.

The ceremony was gorgeous and Emily + Brian’s grand entrance into the reception was to Ja Rule, I LOVED THIS! The rest of the night was amazing, it was full of friends, family, dancing, and everything else you would want at your wedding. I loved being able to help capture their special day and a huge thank you to Mackenzie for allowing me to second shoot with her!

XO, Heather

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Plymouth Family Photography | C Family https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/11/plymouth-family-photography-c-family Just one month ago, the weather was pretty bearable. The wind didn't have that bite to it yet and we were fine outside in sweaters... it was sweater weather. Now, it has turned into parka weather (come on, if it's going to be cold at least give us pretty snow to look at!). 

Last month I was able photograph this family at a beautiful park in Plymouth (which has turned into my go-to spot if you couldn't tell from my previous blog posts).  When Rachel reached out to me asking if I would take their family photos, I was so excited because not only could I not wait to meet her two adorable kids, but I was also looking forward to seeing her after 10 years! Backstory- ten years ago I was a freshman in college (shout out to Drake) and I joined a sorority. Rachel was one of the older, cool seniors in our sorority who already had learned how to navigate college, and sorority, life, and here I was- someone who had just graduated high school, but more than ready to take on the college life. And that I did. Anyway, who knew that 10 years later, life would bring us back together in this sort of way, and i'm so happy it did!

Rachel- I absolutely adore your family and thank you for letting me capture these sweet moments, and sweet smiles!



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Maple Grove Family Photographer | Y Family https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/11/maple-grove-family-photographer-y-family The day before this family photo session was scheduled, I receive a text from Jenny saying she wanted to make sure we took a photo of them in front of their new family VAN. Boy was I excited because I can't say I've done that before!  A family van means a new chapter in your life- not 1, but now 2 kids, not 1, but now 2 car seats, along with bigger strollers, more carpools, bigger messes, and so much more. It signifies your family is growing, which is one of the most special times you can endure throughout your life, and being able to capture this time for them left me feeling honored and grateful. 

I've known this family for a little over a year now and couldn't be happier to have met them.  I've been lucky enough to follow along baby Jonathon's journey into this world, from photographing Jenny when she was pregnant with him, to taking his newborn photos, and now taking family photos in perfect timing for him to make it on his first holiday card.  We met at a local park for their family photos and the evening couldn't have gone better. Michael was as playful and happy as a 2 year old should be and Jonathon was the most perfect 3 month old. Before we finished up, we made sure to get the epic photo in front of their new, shiny van and the expression on their faces will tell you they're pretty excited about this new chapter in their life!

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Plymouth Family Photographer | F Family https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/10/plymouth-family-photographer-f-family I was counting down the days to this family's session in Plymouth and as it approached, I wasn't liking what the weather supposedly had in store for us. It was raining all day on that Friday and Erin and I were both crossing our fingers and staying hopeful the rain would pass, despite what our phones showed. Well, the rain wasn't in our favor that day as it didn't stop... and I was SO bummed! Luckily, we were able to find another evening that worked with her busy schedule of being a board certified behavior analyst. Oh, and an amazing mom to three.  I'm fairly (100%) certain it was meant to be on this night after all; we had great lighting and it was perfect Fall weather!

As Erin's two daughters jumped out of her car, I basically shouted "Oh my gosh you are so adorable! Those outfits! Those boots!". No, I have never met them before and they were probably wondering why their mom brought them to this lady. To say I was excited would be an understatement and when you see the photos, you'll get it.  We headed over to my secret spot and played around on the bridge and took mom & daughter photos while we waited for dad and little brother to arrive.  When little brother came with dad, again, I got super excited, and, again, you'll get it. He was pretty shy at first and wasn't feeling the whole picture-taking thing.  After I showed him what was behind my camera and chased him around a little bit (we all know I adore playing with kids, and if you don't, now you do) he opened right up.  His smile is contagious and his blue eyes are going to get him into trouble with the ladies one day!

Erin, thank you for allowing me to capture the ginormous amount of love (and sillines), that's in your family!


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Caryn + Mike | Como Dockside Wedding https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/10/caryn-mike-como-dockside-wedding This past Summer and Fall I was lucky enough to second shoot for Mackenzie Orth, an amazing wedding photographer based in the Twin Cities.  Not only is Mackenzie one of the most darling, sweetest girls I’ve met, but she also has the cutest little boy, Charlie, and another one on the way (who should be making his grand appearance in a couple weeks now)! And can I just say Mackenzie is a total ROCKSTAR for being on her feet, shooting 10+ hour weddings at 37 weeks pregnant…I don’t know how she did it.  Now that the wedding season has wrapped up, I am so excited to be sharing about them! 

I’ll start with Caryn and Mike’s wedding at Como Dockside in St. Paul.  Mackenzie and I met Caryn and her bridesmaids at their hotel while they were finishing up getting ready.  Mike and his guys were at the hotel next door, so we were also able to head over there to snap some photos of them!  The first look and ceremony took place at Como Dockside and was directly followed by a champagne toast with the bridal party, which is never a bad idea!  I loved the colors of the day, blush and green, and just wait until you see the adorable outfits Caryn and Mike’s nephews wore.  The reception was then held back at the hotel where the night turned into a big party with beer, food, friends, and family, which was exactly how Caryn and mike envisioned their wedding day to be!

Here are some of my favorites from the day! Congratulations, Caryn and Mike!


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Monticello Family Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/7/monticello-family-photographer My first thought when I arrived at this location for a family photo session in Monticello was Magical Garden; it was filled beautiful flowers, miniature waterfalls, and bird feeders of all sizes hanging from the trees.  It was everything I hoped for and more after it was described it to me on the phone when we booked the session.  I arrived early to scope it out and as I was walking around, I felt like I was in a fairy tale and couldn’t wait for the family to arrive! 

I truly enjoyed my time with and getting to know Jake and Tara and their adorable children.  Their daughter was a showstopper with her fun dress and necklace and their little guy was such a charmer- his smile was contagious!  We started out exploring one end of the garden and worked our way to the amazing field on the other end.  The day entailed lots of snuggles, running around, smelling the flowers, and twirling in the long grass.  This family was a joy to be around and the love that Tara and Ryan have for their children are beyond words.  A beautiful family to spend time with on a beautiful day... it doesn't get much better than that.


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Cake Smash + Backyard Birthday Party - Minneapolis and Milwaukee Children Photographer https://www.heatherjoyphotography.com/blog/2017/6/cake-smash-backyard-birthday-party Summer is the time to soak up the sun, eat ice cream, and have backyard barbecues, or in this little guy’s case- have a backyard birthday party with a cake smash to celebrate turning the big O-N-E.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a birthday party as cool and as fun as Bodhi’s, I mean, he even has 3 wardrobe changes and it was filled with family and friends.  The details screamed summer fun and were absolutely adorable- the pinwheels in sand pails and bubble machine were a huge hit for the kids!

At first, Bodhi was pretty skeptical about this whole cake thing and he definitely wasn’t trying to keep that a secret.  But after his first bite and realizing that cake is actually delicious (how could mom and dad keep this from me for a whole year?!), he had no hesitation and dug right in; he even wanted to share with dad.  I loved being a part of and photographing this special day for Bodhi, the drive to Milwaukee was way worth it and I’d say we created some pretty amazing memories!







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